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and i don’t really know why

my heart pumps out hemoglobin

twice as fast

thrice as fast

in accordance with each time

my calculus professor says

my name in passing:


i’m a broken formula

i have asymptotes in my hands and

i can’t catch the

slippery logarithms

who buzz around my fingers

though i swat at them like bees,

and my head is full of vectors

going in directions

that don’t exist

and sir,

i cant remember

how to use the dot product

to solve them,

i don’t know

how to breathe with

i can’t breathe with

these limits in my throat now

because i’ve swallowed all the



i feel

my heart swelling

with the weight (with the mass)

of so many theorems

but i don’t even know how

heavy they are

because whether in newtons

or kilograms

they shrink infinitely,

dissolving in acid:

within me

i will soon destroy them

and sir,

how do i isolate x

when the axis is dotted down my spine

with freckles

and the y component

hides beneath my ribs?

she, a part of me

is so good at isolation

that she withholds it from

poor x

and digs even deeper into my skin


i exist on the R3 plane

but you see through

me like i’m 2 dimensional:

you have studied

functions and vectors

for years

and despite this i remember

you told me once

that pythagoras gave me the



and pascal

left no room for

me on his triangle

i am error code 2 on your calculator

i am undefined

nobody wrote Q.E.D.

after solving me




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