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In truth, I am god:

My gospel is written in rage

and thus bleeds like an open wound,

each commandment like a black pool

of compartmentalized shame;

all bound together with no cover.

It climbs up my veins

and arteries

in organized attacks,

lust of the blood borne from

blind puppies forced to drown.

This endless storm

of sacred, acerbe voices

begs me to find greatness

in the blood of my flesh and bone disciples

and their cast-iron hearts.

But in my godly silence

you alone,

as much David as I am Goliath,

were free to reach into my chest

and snap my stuttering heart in two.

If I am not god, then

I am a poor Lucifer,

in that I cannot put these

Earthly calls for power

before my love for you




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